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Eco Saw Chain Lubricant

Originally formulated for the forestry industry, it has been introduced successfully into the H.D.P.E. (High Density PolyEthylene) trade.  As opposed to running your chainsaw dry, this product not only adds the life to your chainsaw by reducing wear and tear on the bars and chains, it has become much more cost effective.

Sustainalube is water soluble.  Simply wipe your cut ends of pipe with a clean wet rag to remove any possible residue.  Isopropyl alcohol or acetone are no longer necessary.

Timber Wolf Industrial (formerly HDPE Fusion) hired two 3rd party tests that demonstrated no residue had been left behind and the weld was not compromised.

Sustainalube is also Eco-friendly.  Should the product spill onto the ground, the lubricant will dissipate with water without harming wildlife and the environment.

Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic, Oil Free attributes makes Sustainalube Eco Saw Chain lubricant ideal in all industries requiring chain saw use.